Men, Wondering How To Last Longer in Bed?

Men, Wondering How To Last Longer in Bed?

If you’re a sexually active man, you’ve most likely thought about how to last longer in bed. Sexual performance is something we all strive to be better at. Healthy stamina helps a man to achieve a good sex life that satisfies his partner and himself. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is where they would like to be with their sexual performance. Many men are unsatisfied with how long they last in bed. This can lead to insecurity, lack of confidence, and potentially a loss of desire for sex. 

Obviously, this is something that we want to avoid. So today, we are going to talk about how to last longer in bed. We have a lot of different methods for you to look at. Everybody is different, and not all of these methods will work for everybody, so we’re going to provide an extensive list so you can find the right choice for you.

So without further ado, here are some of the best methods to last longer in bed. 

Talk To Your Partner

The very first thing you need to do is talk to your sexual partner. The temptation is to isolate because it is an embarrassing topic of conversation. But it is incredibly important that your partner is aware of what’s going on with your body. 

Premature ejaculation affects your partner too. Not only can it limit the pleasure they get during sex, but it can also cause them feelings of insecurity. Many women may feel that you are being selfish by ejaculating early if you don’t want to talk about it.

In all likelihood, you may be harder on yourself than your partner is. If you explain the situation, they are likely to be understanding and happy that you told them. 

If you tell your partner, they can be a part of the solution. They may also have some ideas to help you last longer. If you work together, you are more likely to find a solution. 

Address Sexual Tension

If you struggle with premature ejaculation, you may likely have a lot of stress and tension surrounding sex. Maybe you had a very embarrassing sexual experience in your past, or maybe you’ve been ridiculed. 

The fact is, anxiety and stress may contribute to furthering the problem. Increased stress can reduce your self-confidence and increase your tension, which can contribute to you climaxing faster. 

To address your tension and concerns right away. Don’t focus your mind on the problem, but, instead, look for a solution. 

Relationship Issues

It is not uncommon for emotional problems in a relationship to negatively affect a person’s sexual performance. If your stress is coming from your partner, you may be harboring bitterness toward them that could limit your libido or inhibit sexual function.

If this is the case, work to mend the problems in your relationship. A healthy relationship can encourage and foster a healthy sex life. 

Don’t Isolate Yourself

The temptation with anxiety is to run away and avoid the thing that gives you anxiousness. But you can’t get better at sex if you don’t have it. So make sure that you face your fears bravely. It will help you improve in the long run

Smoking, Drugs, and Drinking

Tobacco and other controlled substances can be very harmful to your sexual performance. Smoking tobacco and doing drugs specifically can really decrease overall health, limit blood flow, and these things can have negative impacts on your stamina. 

Excessive amounts of alcohol can also have a debilitating effect on your sexual function. If you regularly use any of these substances and struggle with premature ejaculation, try quitting. The substances you consume could very well be limiting how well you can perform.

Get Your Cardio In

Studies show that improving cardiovascular health can help alleviate male sexual dysfunction. The health of your heart determines how well your blood flows throughout your body, which can help with sexual performance. 

In addition, exercise is known to produce greater levels of testosterone in the body, which can promote healthy sexual function. 

Slow and Steady

This may not be as immediate as some methods of lasting longer in bed, but it is still quite effective. Cardio can not only improve sexual desires but overall health. 

If you do cardio now, you will feel better and be healthier in your old age, leaving room for a healthier sex life later in life. Think long-term! Cardio can give you benefits for years to come.


And don’t forget, having a healthier physique can improve confidence, which can enhance sexual performance. Confidence is key to satisfying your partner, and a killer body doesn’t hurt either!

Masturbate First

Masturbating before sex may increase how long you can last. For men, sexual tension builds throughout your body over time. By releasing the sexual tension one or two hours before sex, you can ensure your sexual tension is low when it’s time for sex with your partner. 

Turn It Into Foreplay

But it doesn’t have to be masturbating. Maybe include your partner in the process. They may be willing to give you a quickie a couple of hours before to help your performance later on. 

Know Your Recovery Time

If you use this technique, it’s essential to know how long your body takes to get an erection again. For young men, it might only take a few minutes to become aroused another time. But for older men, it can take up to 12 to 24 hours to restore their arousal. 

So before using this technique, figure out how long it takes you, so you don’t have an awkward moment in bed. 

Seek Additional Benefits

But masturbation has benefits other than the immediate perk of delayed ejaculation. Masturbation also helps manage stress by releasing endorphins in the brain. It can also help you sleep better, which works to promote overall health and sexual health. 

Masturbation also increases familiarity with your body and with your sexual desires. It can lead to increased feelings of confidence. Not to mention, it can allow you to practice some of the methods we’re going to talk about in a little bit. 

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are exercises that help strengthen your pelvic floor. They are most often recommended for women, but there are Kegel exercises for men too! Kegel exercises target the muscles of your pelvic floor.

These muscles are responsible for holding back your urine flow but also holding back semen before ejaculation. Having control over these muscles will allow you to contact them just before ejaculation, helping you last longer.

Across internet forums and social media pages, there are various reports of how well Kegel exercises work. Some say they help you last longer, and some say they don’t. 

But there was a study done on men who reported lifelong premature ejaculation of less than one minute, an average of about 40 seconds. After 12 weeks of regular pelvic floor exercises, about 82% of these men saw their sexual endurance increase to an average of 146 seconds. 

This shows that pelvic floor muscles are a viable option for the treatment of premature ejaculation. 

How To Do Kegel Exercises

The basic kegel exercise is simple. Hold your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds, then completely relax them for 5 seconds. 

Repeat this ten times and do it three times a day. Just make sure not to use your stomach, leg, or butt muscles, and make sure you don’t hold your breath during your squeezes. 


A solution for many men struggling with premature ejaculation is medical treatment. Before you go out and buy a drug for this, make sure you consult your doctor. 

Certain medications are clinically proven to help with premature ejaculation. It’s as simple as that. Many doctors recommend them to patients who have tried everything else and have seen little to no results. 

However, because they are drugs, they come with various potential side effects. This can include but is not limited to having trouble urinating and potential difficulty maintaining an erection. 


Supplements are a great way to boost your sexual function without the risk of some of the harsher items out there. 

If low libido is what is holding you back from lasting longer in bed, supplements are a great way to promote healthy testosterone levels and support good libido. 

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It produces sperm, contributes to libido, and is in charge of sexual function. If you’re low in testosterone, your libido and sexual stamina may decrease. Not only that, but low testosterone can contribute to low levels of energy, reduced muscle mass, and low red blood cell count.

Luckily, there are natural products to support your T levels.

Our Total T testosterone supplement is precisely crafted to support a boost in testosterone levels and work to improve your sex drive. Testosterone is a critical hormone for good sex performance. This supplement can work to get you all the T you need. 

We also have supplements specifically designed to boost libido. Our Sexual Vitality Booster supports nitric oxide levels and healthy blood flow to optimize sexual performance, stimulation, and passion. 

We also have a line of Nugenix Essentials that are single ingredient, natural supplements that have been used to promote sexual stamina throughout history.

These solutions are natural, not synthetic, so they comfortably work with your body to maintain healthy sexual function. 

Desensitizing Condoms

Sure, the name is a little bit off-putting, but desensitizing condoms could be a great way for you to increase your endurance in bed. These condoms are not just for preventing pregnancies and STDs. 

All condoms naturally provide less sensation than unprotected sex. That layer of latex just can’t allow all the feelings that come with natural sex. But suppose you need a little extra desensitization. In that case, these condoms have a numbing gel inside of them that slightly inhibits the nerve endings on your genitals, allowing less stimulation so you can last longer. 

Desensitizing Sprays or Creams

These work very similarly to desensitizing condoms. By applying them to the male genitals 15 minutes or so before sex, the nerve endings are limited so the man can last longer during sex. 

But with sprays and creams, you’re going to make sure you rinse off the product before beginning intercourse so that your partner is not also desensitized. 

Foreplay and Focus on Your Partner

Speaking of foreplay, really leaning into foreplay is a great, practical, and selfless way to improve your sexual performance. 

Let’s get one thing straight; you should be doing foreplay anyway. You ought to be focused on the enjoyment your partner gets from sex. And foreplay is an essential part of the emotional connection that comes with sex. 

Take your time with your partner; make sure they are ready and are feeling in the mood. 

The Benefits For You

While this is a great way to focus on your partner, it’s also a great way to improve her perception of your performance. If foreplay focuses on your partner, you can limit the stimulation your penis gets, delaying your orgasm. 

How To Do Foreplay Right

If you’re having trouble with foreplay, don’t think too hard. Focus on the emotional connection with your partner. It starts earlier than you think. Begin with your words, starting by complimenting her looks and moving forward from there. 

To start physical contact, giving her a back rub or massage is a great way to make her feel loved, relaxed, and free of stress. 

Different Positions

Changing up your sex positions can make all the difference in how long you last in bed. Certain positions can limit the stimulation to you while increasing stimulation for your partner. 

Not only can changing positions increase your stamina, but it’s fun! Exploring different options makes for a fun and satisfying love life that can improve your physical and emotional connection with your partner. 

Be On The Bottom

Some men don’t like the idea of being on the bottom, but there are some real benefits to it when it comes to lasting longer. 

This generally helps with endurance because penetration cannot happen as vigorously with this method as with other positions. By allowing your partner to control the speed and depth of thrusting, you can delay orgasm for longer. 

Not to mention, these positions tend to be more pleasurable for the woman, allowing you the pleasure of their enjoyment.

Mindful Breathing

This technique is simple. Essentially, when having intercourse, men inadvertently propel their body’s state of excitement by taking quick, shallow breaths. 

The problem is that arousal makes you excited, you start breathing quicker, which makes your body more excited, and eventually, the cycle continues until you ejaculate prematurely. 

So getting your breathing under control could be a helpful tool in your arsenal to stave off climax for longer.

Breath Exercises

Here are simple yet effective exercises to help you learn to control your breathing. Lay on your back on a flat surface. Put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Take a deep breath through your nose until your stomach fills up with air. Then form your lips like you’re about to whistle and slowly let out all the air, relaxing your muscles. 

Deepen your exhale longer than your inhale. Do this, and you’ll have more control over your breathing.  


Edging is the practice of getting as close to an orgasm as possible and then stopping all stimulation from preventing the onset of an orgasm. 

This may sound like a not-so-fun exercise, but it can help train your muscles to hold back ejaculation better.