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Here at Nugenix, we're happy to provide Nugenix reviews from people who have been looking for a way to reclaim their vitality. Many of these Nugenix customers were searching for a way to boost their free testosterone. The testimonials below are the unbiased experiences of actual Nugenix customers, and reflect the typical results consumers can expect from product use. We strive to provide the highest quality ingredients and customer service to all our customers. You can meet actual users through these Nugenix reviews or get a discount on Nugenix Here!

Reviews From Customers Like You!

"Five Stars. Good product, good value."

- W. F.

"Five Stars. This product makes a difference in your life. It's very good."

- Jose R H.

"Five Stars. Been using the product for over 3 months now and I am very happy with the results."

- David J T.

"Five Stars. My husband said it does give him energy."

- Laura S.

"Five Stars. Gives me lots of energy!"

- Bruce J.

"Five Stars. Just as it was advertised!"

- William W.

"Five Stars. Great product my husband loves it and it seems to be working."

- Lisa T.

"Five Stars. More energy during workouts and the girls love how I perform in bed. I'm 63 years old and I feel like I'm in my 40's again thanks to Nugenix. I'll be getting another bottle soon."

- Michael J P.

"Five Stars. Works well, have been using it for a few months now."

- Louie B.

"Five Stars. Works great for my husband who wanted an natural energy boost. It is cheaper than buying in the stores."

- Melissa L.

"Five Stars. Speedy shipment of this great product."

- Amazon Customer

"Five Stars. This is the second time using this. I just did the 50 pushups a day for 30 days. I needed a little more energy."

- Millard T.

"Five Stars. Wonderful product. Works as promised!"

- Lisa S.

"Five Stars. Exactly what it said it was."

- Amazon Customer

"Five Stars. Pure awesomeness. I highly recommend it to anyone over 40."

- Borman D.

"Five Stars. It works. Great for energy boost. Perfect before working out."

- Jung L.

"Five Stars. This stuff works. You need to work out and take it on a regular basis."

- John

"Five Stars. I am 75 and have taken this product for thirty days and it feels like I definitely have boosted my energy levels and will begin my second thirty day shortly but at this point I feel it has helped me attain new energy levels."

- Paul L C. Sr

"Five Stars. Ready to be an Alpha Male? Buy this now! Energy, strength, stamina. I take one a day to stay lean and manly. Lol when I take 3 I'm ready to send my boss packing and take over his job. Just find the balance that works best for you."

- Adam L.

"Five Stars. I guess some people in the reviews this didn't work for them. I bought this because I was always feeling tired. This is working great for me. Day 3 and I feel a big difference"

- Amazon Customer

"Five Stars. After a month use, I do feel like I have more energy. And also notice the random hard-on like when I was in my 20s. In case you were wanting to know."

- Gdog19745

"Five Stars. Very pleased with this product AAA+++"

- Amazon Customer

"Five Stars. Husband loves these."

- Amanda G.

"Five Stars. Bought for my husband! He loves it and can really feel a difference!"

- Savannah

"Can't believe the difference in the way I feel, it's like I'm 20 years younger!"

- David G.

"Pleased! Quickly noticed the difference in my workouts and life at home!"

- Dennis R.

"Very satisfied and will buy again."

- Wayne N.

"After 6 weeks, definitely more energy and strength, as well as harder erections. Also more muscle development. Good product.*"

*Use with resistance training.

- Fred R.

"It does exactly what it says on the radio. Love how it gives me energy and drive!"

- Amado L.

"Lots of energy and more libido. Feeling more confident. Great product for older guys to feel younger!"

- Wiliiam S.

"I love this product. I do construction so most of the day I'm tired but now I feel alert and when I go home, I work out and still have a heavy sex drive. Five stars!"

- Jeremiah J.

Wow, life changer.

"OK so I am 35 and I started taking this because I was feeling a little blah, no energy, and zero libido. After a few days, I felt like I was 20 again. More energy and motivation to work out and go to the gym. Have been taking for 2 months now. I don't see any downside."

- Hypelios


"At first I thought it was not going to help on my daily duties but I was wrong. Nugenix did help me a lot with more energy and I just felt a lot better overall. Good product!"

- Miguel A.

"So far I have noticed a difference in libido and energy, which has been helpful. It took a couple weeks roughly to be sure that the change was heading in the right direction. I'm definitely giving in at least two full months to be able to see the full effect, but to change even this much I am happy."

- Russell M.

"63 years old and it definitely works for me. Tried an experiment. Used Nugenix for a month or so. Noticed a very positive difference in energy. Stopped taking it for a couple of months and lost the energy and drive. Now I've gotten back on it for over a month and my energy and drive have significantly improved. Really like the product."

- Robert

"Have been taking these for a month. They actually seem to be working. I have more strength and don't feel as tired. They also have given me more power in the bedroom. If it's all in my mind, I'm not complaining."

- JNilson

"Great!! New attitude in life. Feel strong."

- Gary C.

"Quality product with great results. Taken as directed and followed by a nice workout has given me an increased pump and my sexual drive has increased 100%! Worth every penny."

- Tammy V.

"Great product. Noticed a difference in energy level, gains at the gym, and vitality."

- Jay H.

"I feel a definite boost in energy compared to when I was not using it."

- Michael D.

"One of the few boosters that works."

- Richard H.

"Everything it says, is true! Not a dramatic change, but happened without me knowing! I do feel more energetic and my libido is definitely up as well. I would recommend this to anyone."

- Michelle S.

"Nugenix works. I'm 59 and definitely see and feel the difference. It took about two weeks; now I'm stronger, & have more energy*"

*Users typically experience results in 4-6 weeks.

- Perry N.

"Great product. This is one of the few products that truly works. After about 3 weeks my 20 mile bike rides became easier and my wife loves the results too."

- Michael D.


"O"k so to be honest I had a very, very low sex drive before I started taking this supplement. I definitely have an increased libido now!"

- Will C.

"My husband seems to have more energy. We are ordering another month's supply."

- Kimberly H.

"Helps my workouts. I like the product. It seems to help with stamina for workouts."

- Karl I.

"Works for me. I have been using this product for a year or so and I look and feel great."

- Anthony S.

"This product definitely helps in maintaining muscle mass.*"

*Along with resistance training.

- Aric R.

"Really helps at 57 years old. My husband's energy has gone way up and he's an octopus in bed! He was so tired and felt terrible even though he was taking his vitamins and eating well."

- Denise W.

"Great product. Lot stronger workouts."

- Paul B.

"Improved Vitality. It did wipe out my everyday fatigue , and I feel stronger every morning."

- Sammy B.

"It works, it just takes time. I like it a lot. My strength and stamina is increasing with each passing week."

- Steven R.

"Have been using Nugenix for the last 6 yrs. Great stuff !!! I take a 6 day break from it every 4 months & can really tell the difference! Great Stuff !!"

- Joepaul M.

"It's working for me. I really began to feel differences in the 2nd week of use. I work a night shift and I rested better but even more, I've had more energy earlier when I wake up. So the idea of working out wasn't a chore.*"

*Users typically experience results in 4-6 weeks.

- Steven V.

"This product is great. My urologist stated my testosterone level has never been higher."

- Mark Y.

"I've tried all the top test boosters. At the gym, it gives me a monstrous pump and energy at work. My girl says I'm a lion in bed!!! Nugenix definitely works for me."

- Lion S.


"I was a little skeptical at first but after about 3 weeks the results started to show! And my wife absolutely loves the effects too!!! It really works! And the customer service is more than willing to work with me to prove their product worked! I'm hooked!*"

*Users typically experience results in 4-6 weeks.

- Lion S.

"I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical when I purchased this, however a little desperate at the time. My life has CHANGED! I can't believe the difference. I have an extra hop in my step every day! Nugenix has reignited my once dwindling sex drive drastically. I've even seen some added benefit at the gym. Highly recommended for all men!"

- Steven, New York NY

"I just finished my first bottle and have a few thoughts. I definitely have more pep on my step. I'm only 48 but feel very recharged. It's hard to explain exactly, but my energy and "bedroom interest" are definitely up"

- Stanley, GA

Bought this during gold card, already noticing a big difference. At 52 it's helping me hit the gym hard again and feel a bit younger."

- Jones, SC

Great will continue using it.

"I had used the product for two weeks and starting to feel more energy.* Also starting to lift weight. I will recommend the product for any men over 50 years. *Results may vary, but users typically experience results in 4-8 weeks."

- Pedro V.


"Great product"

- Geno S.

Awesome product.

"Awesome! 49 years old with very active life style. I have been taking for 2 months now. I have taken many minutes off my daily runs. I feel much sharper and I sleep solid all night. Thanks for a great product."

- Jeff C.


"The best I used yet"

- Luis A.

Try it You'll l Like It

"Much better than a pot of coffee. I have a lot more get up and go. I work long hours on the road. This stuff gives me back energy . It actually makes me feel like I did when I was 18. I will keep buying this product cause I like to keep this energy I have now. Oh yes I will recommend this to all my lazy old buddies to get them up off their couches."

- Thomas H.

Keeps you feeling good

"This product does just as it says. The bonus for me, is it just makes me feel healthy and vibrant. I recommend it to anyone over 40 for sure... I'm 49."

- Scott J.

Getting the results I hoped

"Energy level is better. Vitality is better. I would suggest this to any middle-age man is looking for additional energy and vitality."

- John S.


"I've been taking this product for a while now and it works, along with fish oil and multivitamins I've increased my bench press. In the bedroom I have to say I've gotten better results than in my 20s. The key to this product, like every other supplement, you have to work out consistently, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water and it'll work for you."

- Julio G.

So far so good

"Only been on for a week it is making a difference with my energy level for work outs.* *Results may vary, but users typically experience results in 4-8 weeks."

- William B.

"With a decent diet and my normal rigorous exercise at work, I've seen substantial gains in my health and libido. I purchased 3 months worth, and am barely halfway into the first month."

*Results may vary, but users typically experience results in 4-8 weeks.

- Vincent K.

"I noticed a difference in my workout and my muscles. With the addition of this product along with my intense workout (3 days a week) and relatively healthy eating habits, I feel the product has given me that extra push. I am in my late 50s and have become dependent on this product for increased performance and results from my gym workout."

- Lance W.

"I'm 68 years old and my drive has diminished. Nugenix has improved my drive and performance. It's the best product I've used."

- William P.

"Being of a certain age, I have noticed a tapering off of my generally upbeat mood. I find Nugenix helps me stabilize throughout the day, helps me retain muscle in my workouts and generally do well in all 'man-areas'. I have been taking it now for over a year without any noticeable side-effects. I only notice a change in my overall when I stop taking it. Good product."

- Thomas W.

"It works if you're an old guy and I mean 58. I really needed this to get it doing everything it said it would do. Work hard all day, build lean muscle, and still stay busy around the house. It keeps you engaged like a shot of expresso. Get it."

- Bo E.

"All I can say is I noticed a difference in a few days. After 2 weeks, the difference is remarkable!* My issues have been greatly relieved and so am I. One thing to note, however, is take it as directed. That means 3 capsules on an empty stomach with water. I take it in the morning before breakfast and wash them down with a 12 ounce bottle of spring water. I've tried all sorts of testosterone and libido supplements and this is the only one that really works. *Results may vary, but users typically experience results in 4-8 weeks."

- Dennis L.

"This product works as advertised slow to start but after about a month of taking it I feel strength and a feeling of sexual stamina. Great product."

- Amazon Customer

"I noticed a difference in every claim more energy, better workouts, and better drive and vitality. I will continue to buy this product."

- Craig S.

"I wanted to let you know that I'm 41 and have been using your product. I have noticed significant increases in energy and stamina. Vitality has also been increased. Yall have a fantastic product!"

- Matt M.

"You get older and things slow down a bit. And still you want extra to live. And this product seems to help."

- Ronnie W.

"Greetings, I am now a 56 year old male, who was first introduced to Nugenix approximately three years ago, by a friend. I tried the product and was impressed with the vitality I felt after my introductory use. I then became a regular user and have subscribed monthly for the past three years. I can honestly say I have more energy and have increased my exercise routine, which in turn has helped me keep myself in check, as a result of applying Nugenix to my daily routine. I feel stronger and in better shape now then I did in my forties. I also feel I have a stronger libido now than ten years ago. I continue to use Nugenix as a daily supplement and feel strongly about its effects."

- Martin R.

"I'm 66 y/o in amazing fit shape cyclists 🚴 the test booster has helped me keep my muscle firm lots of energy & sexual active firm erection love ❤️ this product."

- Alberto G.

"my girlfriend is 20 years younger than me."

- Charles G.

"Hello, I love using the Nugenix it gives me energy first thing in the morning!"

- Orlando W.

"The product has helped me develop wash board abs like I had in my twenties.* There has also been an increase in energy to help get me through some grueling exercise routines. The one thing that is much more fun since I started talking the product is the time I spend with my smoking hot wife. I strongly recommend Nugenix."

*Users can typically feel more energetic for workouts, but specific ab results have not been measured.

- Keith K.

"It has improved my workouts."

- Luis R.


- Arthur S.

"I had low energy levels did not want to do or go anywhere. My muscle tone was gone, no desire for sexual relations with my wife. That has all changed. After a couple of weeks I had more energy to work out at the gym.* I started to get my muscle tone back. But to my delight my libido and the necessary feeling to use it was back. I am now on monthly shipments and plan on staying on it. I strongly recommend Nugenix to all men regardless of age if you are healthy, and want to improve your health."

*Users will typically experience results in 4-8 weeks.

- Aubrey V.

"I have more energy and feel better."

- Terry E.

"Nugenix has increased my quality of my life exponentially. Myself and my wife are more than pleased with the results Nugenix has given us. My physique is at the best it has been in almost twenty years. I have the energy and drive to work and play at a level i never expected. Our love life has returned to that of newlyweds again. My wife is more than pleased with my physical stature as well as my performance. Nugenix, we thank you!!"

- Jon B.

"It has been amazing addition to my workout and definitely a boost in love life."

- Leonard P.

"Nugenix has helped a lot with my workout program making me feel I have more strength potential. Since joining the gym, working out and using Nugenix I have lost pounds*, and I feel stronger. I also feel more ready for a sexual relationship, should one come along."

*Weight loss from this product has not been measured. Typical users will experience an increase in energy which may lead to more drive to workout.

- Brian H.

"The product does make you feel more manly."

- Curtis D.

"Started using Nugenix and it worked great. Would still be taking but due to more important bills I had to stop service. But it made me feel younger and gave me energy all around."

- Timothy A.


- Stan C.

"For years, I have labored under the misguided assumption that losing one’s vim and vitality, and slowly watching your physical stature diminish was all part of the natural aging process. Wow … was I sadly mistaken. In truth, I have always been conscientious about my health and have led an active lifestyle: gym workouts, (3-5 days a week); swimming; yoga and seasonal biking. However, as most of us can attest, life has a way of catching up to you. The advent of new personal responsibilities (marriage, kids and career) had dramatically cut into my workouts and, before long, I hardly recognized myself. I began using Nugenix approximately eight (8) months ago -- in a desperate attempt to recapture my old form. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first that this (free testosterone) product could actually deliver on its advertised promises. However, within 4 weeks after commencing my Nugenix routine, I began noticing a stark transformation. I felt totally revitalized and, equally important, I began seeing body definition.* Family and friends immediately took notice, and began plying me with questions about my sudden metamorphosis. I was more than willing to share my recent revelation about this product, and a number of my buddies have now adopted the Nugenix regimen. Make no mistake: Nugenix is definitely a game changer. *Nugenix must be combined with a regular exercise regimen in order to see physical results. Review submitted as part of a contest."

- Greg S.

"I had been using other supplements and was dissatisfied with the cost as well as the after effects, when i saw the advertisement. I was very doubtful. I took the trial offer and forgot about the purpose until about a month later i noticed when my wife and i were in bed i was having sexual desires, something i had not paid much attention to. My wife was so surprised that she wondered where i had gotten so much energy, when i showed her the NUGENIX, she was afraid it may be harmful, but i have been using this supplement for well over a year with no ill affects. I am sold on this product."

- James B.

"Taking Nugenix has taken my workouts to a new level, I feel like my muscle and strength are what they were when I was much younger. My wife is enjoying the added benefit of an increased libido. Now that we are empty nesters, this is an important benefit to have."

- Barry S.

"Being 51 years old I was looking for something to help me boost my energy level for working out and tried Nugenix and I have been working out more ever since ..thanks Nugenix."

- Andre S.

"Wishing to maintain my health and begin an exercise program, I began to jog again after a 20 year hiatus. Initially I did not use Nugenix, and plugged away at a slow pace. After seeing Nugenix advertised, I determined that it may be the product to give me renewed energy. Since using Nugenix, I now compete in 5K runs whenever possible and have continued to improve my times -- oftentimes placing in the top of my age bracket. As I continue to run, I will continue to use Nugenix as an energy boost!"

- Scott S.